Continue your book protection with our PageAngels Monthly Maintenance Program.

For Existing Clients Only

Maintenance Includes:

DMCA submissions as DMCA agent

DMCA creation for release title

Search and identify active piracy sites

Quarterly DMCA summary report

Automated monthly billing

Frequently Asked Questions

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Book Series Plans are eligible for ongoing monthly maintenance and protection. Individual New Release Plans do not qualify for ongoing maintenance unless at least one Book Series Plan has also been purchased in addition to the New Release Plan(s). 

Which Plans Are Covered By Maintenance?

You can purchase additional Book Series Plans to add coverage to however many titles you want. Once we complete the initial 3 month clean-up period, those titles will be added to your maintenance program at no extra cost. 

What If I Want To Cover All Of My Books?

New releases can be added to your maintenance program via the purchase of New Release Plans. Past release, these added titles will continue to be included in your overall monitoring and coverage without increasing your monthly rate. 

Can I Add New Releases To My Plan? 

Yes, you may cancel your monthly maintenance at any time. We will finish out the last month you've paid for, after which our coverage of your titles will cease.

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Left unchecked, book piracy impacts book sales.

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